Help & Information

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Shipping Terms (Personal Gift/Individual Gift)


  • A separate shipping cost of $7.00 will be billed together with the actual cost of product upon confirmation

  • Shipment charges is a 1 time fee chargeable for 1 location delivery only

  • We will ship your orders the next business day when it’s ready

  • Handicraft items will require lead-time of approx 3-5 working days depending on orders and collation


Shipping Terms (Corporate Gift)


  • Free Delivery for Corporate Gift orders

  • 30 Days lead-time is required upon confirmation of artwork

  • Giftlah Pte. Ltd. shall not be liable should the shipment delayed due to unforeseen circumstances

  • We will deliver the gifts to your stated address free of charged during office hour

  • Additional trips is chargeable at $80/trip should there be no representative to receive the orders at your premises

  • Additional Storage is chargable upon client’s request. Charges is based on per day usage.


Quality Control (QC)


  • We will perform QC (Quality Control) checks on all shipment/stocks that reaches our office

  • Sampling Checks is done for large quantity orders of 1,000 pcs and above

  • Responsibility to up keep the gift’s condition is Clients responsibility once it’s delivered

  • GiftLah shall not be responsible should client decides to keep products beyond its intended lifespan and/or storage condition