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  • May I know what is the lead time that it will take to receive the gifts?
    It will take approximately 3 to 5 business days upon artwork approval for $5 fulfillment option. Next business day delivery upon artwork approval for $18 fulfillment option.
  • Can I self collect the gifts from your office?
    We do not have self collection option. All gifts will be delivered by our in house courier.
  • Other than Credit Cards & Paypal payments, what other modes of payment are available?"
    Currently we only offer credit card and paypal payments via our website for a more convenient shopping experience for our clients. Do speak to us if you only can make payment via paynow.
  • What are the types of courier offered?
    Your gifts will be hand delivered by our courier partners. Reason being we wanted to present the gifts as how they were when packed (especially glassware). We have 2 options for courier/fulfillment; (i) 3-5 Working Days ($5) (ii) Express Next Day Delivery or Specific Date ($28)
  • What is the Courier process after I've placed my order?
    We will notify you the delivery details once your gifts are packed (within 3-5 working days). This email will be sent out 1 day before the actual delivery service commence. Delivery timing will be 10am-5pm.
  • What is the window for Courier when I receive the shipping email?
    Upon receiving the shipping confirmation email, your gifts will be delivered the next day (weekday and weekend both included) between 10am-5pm to your registered shipping address.
  • What if no one is at home to receive the gift?
    We will place the gift at your doorstep within your unit.
  • Why didn't you guys work with Ninja Van or Qxpress for delivery services?
    We understand that Qxpress or other courier services are offering a cheaper alternatives. However, due to our nature of product and ways of packaging, having a courier partner will help to ensure that your gifts are well handled during the delivery process. We do not wish any of our client to encounter their gifts to be toppled or broken during the delivery process too.
  • I have an urgent order and I need it the next day. Will you be able to fulfill?
    Yes, we are able to offer a next day delivery option. The order will be fullfilled within 1 business day. However, we will charge an additional SGD $18 for express service.
  • Is it possible if I would like to deliver the gifts to 2 or more locations?
    Yes, we are able to deliver the gifts to more than 1 location. Each checkout is meant for 1 location. Hence depending on the number of locations to be delivered, you can checkout your orders as many times as needed. Example: If you need to send to 2 different locations then you will need to place the order 2 times with different addresses.
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